Welcome to the PE Hub

Who we are….

Annette Codner- Primary PE Hub Leader and SLE

Matt Taylor- PLE

Our Aims….

Ensure that staff with PE responsibilities have up-to-date knowledge.
Provide staff with high quality CPD.
Share good practise.
Be approachable and supportive.
Make meetings worthwhile so that children have positive and purposeful learning experiences.
More importantly making sure children have fun, enjoy and achieve in their PE!

What we do….

We run Hub meetings three times a year that focus on different aspects of Physical Education.
Hub meetings are free to attend although sometimes CPD opportunities may incur a small charge.
“The PE Hub meetings have really supported my growth as a leader in PE. I have been able to use
CPD sessions in my own practice, which has then improved our school provision.” Paddy
“The Hub meetings have helped me stay at the sharp end of my subject. “ Mark
“The hub meetings have offered some good ideas and support. Very friendly and approachable.”Teresa

Throughout the year, we also run and organise high quality CPD sessions; in 2018-2019 we
organised Dance CPD, afPE Health and Safety and The New Ofsted Inspection Framework and
Primary PE!
We are always looking to make the Hub the best it can be and welcome CPD ideas to make
opportunities as beneficial as possible.
The Hub offer school to school support. Please contact Annette or PTSA if you are interested in
this service. Support can be offered in all areas of PE and is always delivered in a caring and
positive way. Looking at your successes, as well as development points, to celebrate the great
work you are doing!
“Annette has been a great support to our school and is always on hand to offer help and
guidance. Her expertise and knowledge is second to none and her approachable personality
results in me becoming more confident with asking for advice. Thank you Annette!” Paddy

How to get involved…

Speak to Annette, Matt or Ryan to find out more!
Meetings and CPD sessions are held after school; sometimes CPD may be during the day.

Key contacts….

Annette Codner
Matt Taylor


If you’d like to make an enquiry, please complete the form below.

Further Information & Training Opportunities

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