PROFILE: Kingsley Clennel-White


I trained at Rolle College before it became part of the University of Plymouth and so have spent many years teaching – over 23 in fact! – In several different roles, both as a class teacher and Year lead. My specialism has always been in the practical and the Arts and my degree has stood me in good stead over the years, allowing me to maintain my focus on both. I have always said that I am a Musician and Artist who teaches, (I am an ex-Heavy Metal guitarist!), and my outlook on education is very much reflected in that ideal.

I am a qualified PLE in other teaching schools, and have recently been awarded my Middle Leader qualification as well, further cementing my passion for education and my wanting to help staff to become the best they can in their work. I am one of those people who strongly believe that, as teachers, we make an enormous difference to pupils’ lives but, all too often, we forget this through fatigue and workload.

I have been at Marine Academy as their Performing Arts Leader for the last three years and in that short space of time have specialised more than ever in DT, Art and Music: these are the subjects I am teaching on an almost daily basis.

I am extremely passionate about the Arts and tapping into the practical aspect of curriculum that can all too easily be forgotten or marginalised due to other pressures. Our children are going to grow up and work in a world that literally does not exist yet, but they will be expected to succeed in it!


My Specialist areas are creating an interesting and diverse curriculum within the Arts as an umbrella heading, but with particular reference to Design / Technology, Art and Music. I focus on creating a progressive, cumulative scheme of work that has trackable and measureable strands that can clearly be traced and are directly reflected in the assessment schemes used by the school. This is vital when it comes to justifying everything!

I am a lead teacher for Art, Music and Technology at Marine Academy Primary and teach / plan / create CPD opportunities for these subject areas for all year groups. These subjects are dynamic, not static, and should reflect the school and local area.

I have had over 23 years in teaching these subjects, attended and given numerous INSET’s and still have a lot of passion for the subjects – it never grows old or tiring!


I have redesigned the entire Art, Music and DT curriculum from the ground up at Marine Academy Primary, and my Year 5 Art planning has been used as an exemplar in another school who are re-evaluating their curriculum.

Designation: PLE

Phases: Primary

School: Marine Academy Primary

of  Specialism:
Art & Design

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