PROFILE: Rachel Bellerby


I have been a teacher for 8 years, 7 of which have been spent teaching in Foundation Stage 2. During this time, I have been part of the moderation process with my school three times, and I have attended agreement trialling for the Early Years and Foundation Stage Profile. I am KS1 lead for our school and I recently became a member of our Senior Leadership Team.

I also have a strong interest in Phonics and the impact that good practice can have to ensure children are successful with their early reading and writing. I have been leading the subject for 2 years at our school. Within this time, I have planned and delivered INSET sessions for class teachers and workshops for parents.

I enjoy working with others to ensure the best possible provision for all of the children that we teach. I have taken part in many coaching cycles and activities and belief that this is a really effective way to help to support people to make changes.


- EYFS provision in the indoor and outdoor environments

- EYFS Assessment and data analysis

- OAP cycles (Observation, Assessment and Planning)

- Planning and delivery for Phonics teaching


I have taken part in a South West wide Phonics Project where I supported Plymouth schools with phonics in their schools. This looked at planning, assessing, strategies, intervention, monitoring and subject leadership. It was an opportunity to work alongside subject leaders to see how their subject was being taught as well as ways to identify progress of individuals.

The coaching style was a great way of offering support without identifying or telling staff members what to do. Due to this, the leaders in the individual schools knew what their next steps were and how they could continue to develop this for the future.

Designation: PLE

Phases: Primary, Early Years, FS

School: Leigham Primary School

of  Specialism:
Primary, Early Years, FS

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