PROFILE: Francesca Bevan


I am a PLE for reading. I have been a class teacher for 22 years, working in a range of settings including primary schools and day nurseries. Ten years ago I completed an additional qualification in Reading Recovery. This is accredited through the UCL. I currently work as a Reading Recovery teacher each morning and a Year Two teacher three afternoons per week. I am also on the English Team.


My specialist area is Literacy and particularly Reading. As a Reading Recovery teacher I work with the children who are struggling to read and support them to make accelerated progress. I also work with staff to support them with struggling readers. I am able to support with strategies, prompts, text choice, structure of sessions, reading at home, analysis of reading and assessment of reading.


I have worked in my current school to implement Benchmark Assessments and a variety of Reading Training to all members of staff. I have also set up Benchmark assessments in other schools, training staff and then completing follow up training. Staff are now able to carry out benchmark assessments and monitor them. These assessments are being used to support the tracking of pupil progress. I have also delivered reading training to teachers and TA’s across Plymouth about strategies and support for Early Readers. I have also worked with staff to deliver one-to-one reading sessions with pupils and look at the structure of these sessions. My current school has also won an award for Reading Recovery School of the year.

Designation: PLE

Phases: Primary

School: Unknown

of  Specialism:
Reading Recovery

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